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  • Visiting Anuga
    Our manager Mr. Amir Sedaghat will visit Anuga from Oct 08 until Oct 10. His mobile number is 00491639496039.


Date is an Elysian fruit whose name has been repeated over and over in sacred scriptures. This exceedingly nutritious fruit contains many minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc and manganese and vitamin A, B and E; also, it is a rich source of fiber. There is lot of varieties of date in Iran. We supply following varieties: Mozafati, Piarom, Zahedi, Sayer, Rabi and Kabkaab.

Grandor Company is the exporter of this ambrosial fruit with highest quality. The company’s exported date is available to its overseas customers in distinctive packages.

Enjoying a distinct geographical position, Iran is a gateway between Asia and Europe with access to international waterways. Also it has many regions providing congenial condition for growing and culturing date palm. So the country is considered one of the potential centers for producing and exporting date. To seize the opportunity, Grandor Company has set to export and sell date to most countries of the world.