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Iranian Pistachio Varieties:

Some 90 varieties of pistachio are known in Iran. A number of them are cultivated extensively and commercially and some of them are cultivated sporadically. The specifications of the most important commercial pistachios destined for exportation are as follows:

- Round Type "Fandoghi": It is one of the most important commercial cultivars of pistachio. It is well-established and adaptable to most regions in which pistachio is cultivated. It is produced in 60% to 70% of pistachio orchards of Rafsanjan. It is round and sorted in sizes of 28/30 and 30/32. The tree is almost 3 m high with average growth and extensive crown.

- JUMBO Type "Kalleghuchi": Relatively high yield andlarge kernel are the contributing factors in its selection and expansion. It has stronger and stiffer branches compared with "Fandoghi".It isround and relatively large. KalleghuchiPistachio is sorted in sizes of 22/24, 20/22 and 20/22. Its tree is more sensitive to shortage of water and lack of nutrient.

- Long Type "Ahmad Aghaie": It is one of the commercial and high quality cultivars. It is long and its shell is white in color. Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio is sorted in sizes of 22/26, 22/24 and 20/22. Its kernel skin is red and the kernel is green in color, which have led to its high grade compared with the other types of pistachio.

- Long Type "Akbari": It is one of the commercial types of pistachio and economically has the highest value. Its kernel is long and large. It is sorted in sizes of 22/24, 20/22 and 18/20. Excessive vegetative growth and serotinousand large crop are among specifications of this type. It can be harvested in the middle of September. It is more resistant to heat stroke.

-Closed Mouth Pistachio: It is a kind of pistachio whose shell is not open yet. It is used for production of kernel. The percentage of kernel is of contributing factor in determining its price.

-Pistachio Kernel: It is the kernel of pistachio removed from the shell. Pistachio kernel is used in bakery, making ice cream and cookery. Grandor Company produces pistachio kernel with delightful color and taste and vacuumed it in 10 kg carton for export.

Iranian Pistachio varieties
  • Naturally opened Pistachio
    • Long Type
      • Ahnmad Aghaei
      • Akbari
    • Jumbo Type
      • Kalleh Ghouchi
    • Round Type
      • Fandoghi